RESIDENTS in Chard worked together yesterday (August 16) to minimise the effect of the heavy rain that hit the area after the heatwave.

CARG (Chard Area Resilience Group) was out in town yesterday cleaning drains just before thunderstorms hit the town to avoid risks of flooding.

Vice-chair Louise Allen said residents and volunteers cleaned drains across town and despite the “heavy level of water” was gone “within minutes”.

A Met Office warning is still in place for today, Wednesday, August 17.

Louise said they were “really, really lucky this time” and also added: “No one actually got flooded as far as we know. We got the edge of the storm and other parts of Somerset got it completely.

“It showed all the weak points in the area, so we now know where it is likely to get floods.

“We have gathered a lot of evidence and got new members for the group. It was really positive and we were really, really lucky this time, and next time we will be in a better position.”

Louise also said residents and volunteers, acting as wardens, cleaned drains from leaves and rubbish.

She said: “There was a really heavy level of water and within minutes was gone because someone had gone and cleared the drains. We saved people’s properties.”

Louise also said: “It was our first experience as incident wardens, we have all tried to deal with previous floods on our own in our own way.

“This time we had been on a Communities Prepared training course and we have acquired and shared skills amongst ourselves.

“We have David Bell who is a national advisor on these matters along with a few other committee members with backgrounds in emergency and survival planning.

“The flood did a number of things to our town and surrounding area and one of the most positive outcomes is that it has brought us all together, we have made strong friendships.”

Chard was badly hit by floods last year when properties in Chard and Ilminster were affected.

The A30 Fore Street, the A358 Furnham Road, and the Glynswood residential area were affected too.

For more information check the CARG group on Facebook or visit its website here.

Here are some photos from yesterday (Tuesday, August 16) in Park Cottages and Bondfield Way.

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