CHARD’S Under-7s and Under-8s were highly impressive against Burnham on a frosty morning.

The Under-8s were first in action and it didn’t take long for them to score.

Burnham soon replied but Chard soon responded when Max Webb made a dash for the line and ran in another try supported all the way by Isaac Stanbury and Maxwell Brooks.

Chard eventually won the first match 5-2 and the second 6-3.

Man of the match was awarded to Isaac Stanbury for his determination and support work to help his team mates to score many of the tries.

The Under-7s were next in action and quickly won possession with some quick thinking from Warren Bowditch.

A pass went out wide to Archie Woolacott and with a sudden burst of speed the try was his.

Burnham passed off again and ran in a quick try in.

Undeterred Chard responded with a well-drilled try finished off by Lewis Brown. Archie’s sister Mary Woolacott was not going to left behind and after a scrabble for a loose ball she ran off down the pitch with three team-mates hot on her heels.

She eventually got tagged but the ball went first to Bowditch and then to Brown who grounded the ball for yet another try to Chard.

The final score for the first game 5-2 to Chard while the second match finished 3-2 to Burnham.

Player of the match went to George Wood who is one of the youngest players but gave his all and managed to score against older players.

Coach and manager Simon Webb said: “Everyone gave 110% and I’m looking forward to this week’s games against Ivel and Wells.