ENGLAND Women’s cricketers Fran Wilson and Beth Langston have revealed their excitement ahead of this summer’s World Cup on their home turf, writes Paul Martin.

Taunton is to host seven matches in total, including England v Sri Lanka on July 2, and the England pair said they were looking forward to playing at the County Ground.

“There is always a good crowd here at Taunton – they are passionate about women’s cricket so they are very vocal,” Langston said.

Wilson added: “I played for Western Storm last year and there were proper crowds in with fans, they weren’t just passive crowds.

“A lot of them were 13 and 14-year-old girls who were actually supporting us and willing us to win.

“I think that’s a definite switch in women’s sport – whereas 10 years ago the crowd would basically just be your parents, now lots of people turn up and really get behind you.”

The duo were speaking at a coaching session for pupils from North Town Primary School at the County Ground after helping unveil a countdown clock in the town centre.

“I see it as an important part of our job to inspire girls to play and make them excited about playing sport, particularly cricket,” 25-year-old batter Wilson said.

“When we first started playing we had to play with boys,” added all-rounder Langston.

“Now, however, there are a loads more girls-only teams, which opens up great opportunities.”

England are currently ranked second in the world, and Wilson went on to outline her belief that the team can have a successful summer.

“We’ve been working really hard but probably go in as underdogs as we’ve recently lost to Australia and New Zealand,” she said.

“I think that will probably play into our hands, though, as we’re a very together squad so we’re confident that we can do well.”