CHARD'S club competition, sponsored by Richard Carbin Ltd and organised by John Fenwick, proved a great success.

The day began with the singles with P Bagg beating C Small in the final.

Next up was the pairs competition, which like the singles was played over six ends with eight ends for the final.

The winners were M Nichols and P Hine who beat R Genge and B Nichols in the decider. That was followed by a 101 format won by M Nichols with P Small runner-up.

On Thursday both the Lawn bowlers and Short Mat were in action.

The Lawn bowlers were away at Seaton where they lost 73-56. Scores: Terry O’Hara, Pauline Small and Clive Small 13, J Miles 22; Maureen Fenwick, Philip Hine and Mike Nichols 9, H Smith 21; Barbara Nicols, John Fenwick and Ron Genge 21, M Carvell 11; Roy Vaux, Keith Johnson and Janet Bodily 13, D Scull 19.

The Short Mat bowlers fared better at Curry Mallet, winning 51-41 after a close match which saw each side winning three games.

There was a tremendous finale on the third end of the second half when Chard converted a four shot deficit to a one shot victory with the final bowl.