PETE Trego reckons new director of cricket Dave Nosworthy is the man to help Somerset win silverware this season, writes Richard Walsh.

Nosworthy was appointed to replace Brian Rose just before Christmas and is expected to arrive at the County Ground from South Africa to take up his post soon.

Trego has yet to win a trophy since returning to his native county in 2006 but is confident that the new cricket boss at the County Ground is going to put that right.

He said: “I definitely think he is the man who will help us to cross that line and I am sure that is the reason why a change has been made.

“This is the start of a new era at Somerset and the vision is to move forward and Dave Nosworthy is the man who is going to do it for us.

“We are all looking forward to him turning up here sometime in February and getting to know him.

“I get the impression that he wants to get to know us all individually and that to me is a real positive point.

“The individuals involved in the team are really important and he seems very keen on getting to know us and we are all looking forward to meeting him.

“We are looking forward to having him on board and driving Somerset CCC forward.”

Trego added: “With the squad that we have got here at the County Ground, when you put it on paper, it’s a team to strike fear into anyone in the country.

“But we know there is obviously something missing within our unit to get us over that line, get us to that first Championship and to get us to some more one day finals and trophies.

“I’m very optimistic that this next three or four years are going to be as good as the last three or four but obviously we are looking for that extra 10% and I am sure that all the guys feel that Dave is the man who is going to give us it.

“Dave is looking to get that extra few percent out of us which is similar to what Justin Langer did for us as a group.

“And hopefully that will be enough to get us the trophies we have been missing out on.”