A HORTON mum has presented more than £500 to charity after her theatre group’s latest dramatic success.

Sophy Layzell, who set up the Make Performing Arts group in Easter in 2010, presented the money to Refugee Aid from Taunton (RAFT) and the Make Theatre CIC recently.

Make students aged four to 16 performed I’ll Dream of Kosovo at the Brewhouse Theatre in March.

Mrs Layzell is a director of Make Theatre CIC and founder and trustee of The Jemima Layzell Trust, set up in 2013 in her daughter’s memory to help young people with brain injury.

Mrs Layzell said: “We strive to include an art element into everything we do, as well as music, dance and drama, whether creating our own props or hanging an art installation from the rigging.

“More recently, we also drew houses to create a stop-start animated video showing buildings springing up on a new imaginary planet.

“Our recent Easter workshop also included a full day filming with Nathan Sibley which was tremendous fun as we used a giant green screen.

“We are about to start work for our next performance, which is Matilda, so urge any young thespians to join us as we have so much planned for the summer. Flash mobs, workshops and then Carnival preparations.

“We offer so many performing opportunities and it’s such fun and a brilliant way to grow confidence, team work skills and make new friends.”

Profits from the show and raffle totalled £340, which was split between the two charities.

Kate Swann, from RAFT, visited Horton Village Hall to receive the cheque and Kat Wilsher from Make Theatre CIC received an additional £163 made from the audience that evening.