AS far as thefts go this one is bizarre. 

A shameless shoplifter was caught on CCTV trying to bring home the bacon as he snuck into a newsagent on all fours to steal Peppa Pig magazines. 

Shop owner Sunny Patel posted the CCTV footage on Facebook to shame the thief - along with clips of him sitting on the floor outside the shop reading the kids' mags.

Writing on Facebook, Mr Patel said: "On a cold dark night he decided he would crawl into the shop for some girly magazines for ages one to four-years-old.

"Description of this individual is - Height: unavailable as he spends most of the time on the floor. Build: clearly needs to get on the treadmill.

"IQ: N/A.Language: cannot understand him on the best of days. Likes: girly magazines. Dislikes: paying for girly magazines.

"If anyone under the age of 7years old has been sold these magazines I urged you to wash your hands and dispose of the magazine.

"If you feel you have been infected then please contact your local GP or pop into bestone for some disinfectant.

"Guys and girls please be cautious and do not approach him, ah what the heck if you see him give a Chinese burn! Please use gloves.

"All in all I want my magazines back!"

When staff marched over to confront the thief, the man froze and then made one more move to grab a Peppa Pig mag.

Sunny, who has a Best-One store in Knowle, Bristol, said around £25 worth of magazines were stolen.

The CCTV was filmed on February 10 and around 8.30pm

Mr Patel said he shared the footage online to "name and shame" the culprit and send out a message to any other would-be thieves.

The CCTV clips have since been viewed more than 10,000 times on social media.

Avon and Somerset police are investigating.