CALLS have been made to clamp down on people using drugs in Chard.

Residents have raised concerns about drug dealing in broad daylight, needles close to where children play outside and a lack of police presence.

One resident claims the lives of people living in a quiet street in the town are being blighted by drug dealing.

Barry Barlow, who lives in Glanvill Avenue with his wife May, claims police are turning a blind eye.

The couple, who are in their late 60s and have lived in their house for nine years, say they first noticed the problem about six months ago.

They claim to have seen young teenagers on bikes posting money through a letterbox and packages being thrown out of a window from a house on their street.

Security guard Barry told the News: “Quite a number of people have complained to the police.

“They [the police] have driven up and down but the bottom line is they have done nothing because we have made no progress.

“Police have asked us to note all the activity over a three-day period but we don’t have time to do that, we are not the police.

“We just want the police to call on the house or step up their surveillance.

Mr Barlow said he worried about the size of Chard’s drug problem and added: “If people have carte blanche and are allowed to do what they want then this could be multiplied across the town.”

Plenty of people got in touch on the News’ Facebook group to say what they have seen across Chard.

Alan Blasdale, who has lived in Chard for seven years, said he always reports any needles to the police and ‘holds no fear of addicts’.

Jen Forsyth named toilets as drug hotspots at the weekend and added: “It would be nice to see the police visible in the high street, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, as this is when the problems are really around. Chard does not feel safe on those nights.”

Andrew Down agreed a visible police presence would help but added that it could move the problem elsewhere in the town.

He added: “Pubs staying open so late doesn’t help matters either, as long as people are around all hours of the night there will be people offering to sell.”

Craig CJ Paul said the children’s skate park in Great Western Road had a reputation for drug users and added: “A lot of children aren’t even allowed to play there.”

PC Paul Thomas, one of the beat managers for Chard, said police were aware of a problem in Glanvill Avenue and were trying to deal with it.

He added: “We have been paying attention to the area and we have patrols and monitoring.

“We would like to hear from anyone with information to get in contact with Chard police on 101.”