A DEFIBRILLATOR for the community has been installed at Tatworth Memorial Hall.

The machine is user friendly and comes with verbal step by step instructions.

The defibrillator was purchased after a group of villagers got together to raise funds.

Angela Long, Tessa Leeds, Aloo Haggety and Nicola Griggs, who raised the money, said it was important the equipment was available for use at any time.

A quiz night and barn dance were held earlier this year which raised over half of the money.

The Guppy family, who live in South Somerset, offered to sponsor an auction of promises to help with the rest of the costs and to raise money for the air ambulance.

The auction enabled the group to buy a machine and cabinet.

Tessa Leeds said: “The community has been very supportive with many donations and offers of assistance, and we should like to thank them and the Guppy family for their generosity.”