ON Saturday evening I joined Jenny Kenton, Mayor of Chard, for her Medieval Charter Event.

Jenny challenged her guests to join her in fire walking. A scary idea but one that resulted in, as the instructor promised, lots of smiles, a certificate and black feet. The experience brought to mind the military expression ‘in the line of fire’.

As most of you are aware, an election for a town councillor is taking place on July 31.

Town councillors are volunteers, who give up a substantial amount of their spare time and energy to the service of the community and I hope you will take the time to visit the polling stations to vote.

Of course councillors will never be able to please all of the people all of the time so, being a councillor automatically puts you in the line of fire.

100 years ago thousands of men volunteered to put themselves in the line of fire for their country.

Their commitment will be commemorated on August 4 when Lights Out events are held all over Britain.

The men of Ilminster and the surrounding area who lost their lives during the First World War will be acknowledged at a candlelit vigil in the Market House.

The vigil organised by the Ilminster Branch of The Royal British Legion will take place between 10-11pm. Residents of Ilminster are welcome to join the branch for this Lights Out event.