ON Monday, July 3, I hosted ‘tea with the Mayor’ for some local businesses based in Chard.

Andy and I had just got back from a holiday in America, and brought back a huge carrot cake for the event.

It had travelled nearly 6,000 miles by the time it sat on the Mayor’s Parlour table, and it took a little bit of touching up before it was devoured by me and others.

I host these events monthly except in August, December and January, so if you feel you would like to attend as a representative of a local business or group please let the staff in the town council offices know.

On Friday we visited the arts centre in Bridgwater to watch a local version of Agatha Christie’s The Patient staged as a murder mystery.

I guessed correctly, but we did not win the prize, unfortunately.

Did you know Agatha Christie worked in a hospital dispensary during the First World War, which is where she learned about poisons.

Mrs Wingfield (the patient) was first poisoned and then pushed from the balcony, but she survived to accuse her attempted murderer, luckily.

On Saturday, it was my great pleasure to hand out the prizes at Chard Horticultural Show in the Guildhall.

This show was reinstated during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations and has carried on under its own steam, thank goodness.

There were so many fantastic entries, including a family scarecrow section, handicrafts, jam-making and baking, as well as the vegetables and fruit, but they need more next year, from children in particular.

Many of us remember the potato animal at local fêtes, perhaps, so maybe we can encourage our grandchildren to enter in the future?

Things are going along nicely for the Medieval Festival next weekend, and there’s still time to join me and others on the Fire Walk, or just come along and enjoy the Saturday night or Sunday daytime events.

This is another Town Team event put together by just a few people, and it would be great if we could support them.