YOU could win some football prizes in the News’ World Cup Fantasy League where we are asking YOU to predict the scores of the World Cup group stage matches between June 12 and 26.

We also want you to pick which team you think will win the competition and four players who you think will score the most goals.

Chief reporter Daniel Milligan’s predictions are printed here – but you will have your own ideas.

Daniel said: “The more you get right, the more points you will earn.”

First prize is a choice of either a replica World Cup football donated by Top Togs, of Chard, or a pair of Hi-Tec football boots, donated by Phillip Cook, the South-West manager for Hi- Tec. The other prize will go to the person with the second highest points tally.

Fill in the spaces next to Dan’s predictions in the panel, right, and return it to us at the Chard and Ilminster News offices, St James Street, Taunton, TA1 1JR, by noon on Thursday, June 12. Don't forget to add your name and contact details.

You can also email your predictions to newsdesk .uk and the list of fixtures will be online at chardand from today (Wednesday).


  • Correctly predict the overall winner to score 10pts l A correct scoreline is 5pts l If you get the scoreline wrong but correctly predict the result, ie choosing the right team to win or rightly predicting a draw, you get 2pts instead.
  • Choose four star players from four different countries.
  • Each will get 1pt for every goal they score between June 12 and 26 but will lose all of their points from a match if sent-off.

The winner of the competition will be the entrant with the most points.

If there is a points tie at the end of the competition, the winner will be decided on the number of correct scorelines they have given. If it is still a tie, it will be down to the number of correct results and after that, it will go down to goals scored by the entrants’ four star players.

My predictions:

Thursday, June 12
Brazil vs Croatia – 3-0 
Friday, June 13
Mexico vs Cameroon – 1-1 
Spain vs Netherlands – 2-1 
Chile vs Australia – 1-0 
Saturday, June 14
Colombia vs Greece – 1-2 
Uruguay vs Costa Rica - 3-1 
England vs Italy - 1-1 
Sunday, June 15
Ivory Coast vs Japan – 3-0 
Switzerland vs Ecuador – 2-1 
France vs Honduras – 2-0 
Argentina vs Bosnia-Hercegovina– 4-0 
Monday, June 16
Iran vs Nigeria – 1-3 
Germany vs Portugal – 1-1
Ghana vs USA – 2-1 
Tuesday, June 17
Brazil vs Mexico – 2-0 
Belgium vs Algeria – 3-0 
Russia vs South Korea – 2-1 
Wednesday, June 18
Cameroon vs Croatia – 2-2 
Australia vs Netherlands – 1-4 
Spain vs Chile – 4-0 
Thursday, June 19
Colombia vs Ivory Coast – 1-2 
Japan vs Greece – 1-2 
Uruguay vs England – 0-1 
Friday, June 20
Italy vs Costa Rica - 2-0 
Switzerland vs France – 1-1 
Honduras vs Ecuador – 0-1 
Saturday, June 21
Argentina vs Iran – 4-0 
Nigeria vs Bosnia-Hercegovina – 3-0 
Germany vs Ghana – 3-1 
Sunday, June 22
USA vs Portugal – 0-3 
Belgium vs Russia – 3-1 
South Korea vs Algeria – 2-1
Monday, June 23
Cameroon vs Brazil – 1-3 
Croatia vs Mexico – 2-2 
Australia vs Spain – 0-2 
Netherlands vs Chile – 3-0
Tuesday, June 24
Greece vs Ivory Coast – 2-3 
Japan vs Colombia – 1-0 
Costa Rica vs England – 1-2 
Italy vs Uruguay 2-2 
Wednesday, June 25
Ecuador vs France – 2-1 
Honduras vs Switzerland – 1-2
Bosnia-Hercegovina vs Iran – 2-2
Nigeria vs Argentina – 2-3 
Thursday, June 26
Portugal vs Ghana - 3-0 
USA vs Germany – 1-3
Algeria vs Russia – 0-2 
South Korea vs Belgium 1-4 
Danny’s overall winner: Brazil
Danny’s star players: Neymar (Brazil), Lionel Messi (Argentina), Christiano Ronaldo (Portugal), Andrea Iniesta (Spain)

Terms and conditions:

Prize consists only of the elements expressly detailed above; no other elements or expenses such as travel are included. All such expenses are the sole responsibility of the winner. Arrangements for collecting the prize will be confirmed with the winner. Newsquest South West has the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. No correspondence will be entered into. The Editor's decision is final. By entering the competition all participants accept Newsquest terms and conditions. Usual Newsquest rules apply. Full terms and conditions: