CHARD has come under fire for its perceived problems on a controversial review website.

The website, called, hosts reviews by ordinary people living towns in England.

Generally, the opinions are not balanced and are offensive.

In a review of Chard, the town is described as “the roughest town in west country, probably the country”.

The review added: “Chard used to be a right good old place....all changed now ‘course.

“Programme your sat-nav so that it never ever takes you anywhere near Chard.

“Best bet is to stay on the M5 and keep well away.”

People have leapt to the defence of the town since the review was first posted on-line.

One person commented on the website: “I can tell you it’s a nice place.

“I have always found it to be a safe place, whether in the day or night.

“I have walked through Chard at night many times, and I have always felt safe.

“The folk there are very nice people. I know a few people who live there.

“I had a night out in Chard once and it was a great night – no problems whatsoever!

“The commenter is wrong. In fact, I haven’t met anyone who cannot string a sentence together, read or think for themselves.

“So, both of you are absolutely wrong, wrong, wrong on all counts.”

Yeovil has also come under fire on the website with the reviewer describing a walk through the town centre on a Saturday as “a harrowing experience”.

It added: “Yeovil receives the dog end of the clothes store lines with at least 50 variations on white shirts with patterns on – from Chinese symbols to flames, this is the place to shop.”