SOMERSET is gearing up to go to the polls to pick six MEPs to represent us and the rest of the South-West in the European Parliament.

Anyone over 18 who is registered will be able to cast their vote in the election on Thursday, May 22.

We want to know what you think about the European Union, whether the UK should be in or out; will you be voting in the election; is it the first time you've been old enough to vote; have you voted in lots of elections before; will you be bothering to vote?

What will persuade you to vote for a particular party?

What are the main issues as far as you're concerned?

Let us know what you think - either here or by e-mailing or on Tweitter @GazettePHill - the politicians certainly have plenty to say, so why don't you join the debate?

Here are the candidates in the election - the parties are listed in alphabetical order.

*AN INDEPENDENCE FROM EUROPE: David Smith, Helen Webster, Mike Camp, Andrew Edwards, Phil Dunn, John Taverner.

*BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY: Adrian Romilly, Cliff Jones, Arnold Brindle, Wayne Peter Tomlinson, Andrew Webster, Giuseppe De Santis.

*CONSERVATIVE PARTY: Ashley Peter Fox, Julie McCulloch Girling, James Cracknell, Georgina Susan Butler, Sophie Swire, Melissa Maynard.

*ENGLISH DEMOCRATS: Alan England, Mike Blundell, Clive Lavelle, Barbara Wright, Steve Wright, Ray Carr.

*GREEN PARTY: Molly Scott Cato, Emily Rachel McIvor, Ricky Knight, Audaye Khalid Elesedy, Judy Maciejowska, Mark Chivers.

*LABOUR PARTY: Clare Miranda Moody, Glyn Ford, Ann Margaret Reeder, Hadleigh Vaughan Roberts, Jude Robinson, Junab Ali.

*LIBERAL DEMOCRATS: Graham Robert Watson, Kay Barnard, Brian George Felton Mathew, Andrew Paul Wigley, Jay Oliver Risbridger, Lyana Patricia Armstrong-Emery.

*UK INDEPENDENCE PARTY: William Dartmouth, Julia Reid, Gawain Howard Wilkinson Towler, Tony McIntyre, Robert Lee Smith, Keith Montgomery.