A SCHOOL community is jumping for joy after a group of determined parents saved Chard School.

In December last year, the former governors announced to parents and staff that the 340-year-old school, in Fore Street, was at risk of closure due to financial difficulties, announcing that the doors would shut at Easter.

But, this week, they handed over the reins to a new board of governors, chaired by Lindsay Rossiter, who set out a rescue plan to manage the school’s costs and ensure its safety.

Lindsay, who has two children at the school, said: “We are absolutely delighted – it is just fantastic news for us, the children, the school and the wider community.

“When we heard the school would close it had such an impact on everyone and we thought ‘We can’t let this happen’.”

The group presented a business case to make the school financially viable and they were given the thumbs-up over the weekend.

An open day to showcase what the school can offer will be held in late April for people to meet parents and staff.

Looking ahead to the future, Lindsay said: “We have some good ideas and one of the main things will be to publicise ourselves so people know we are here.

“We will run it on a skeleton budget to start with and, as we grow, more meat can be put around the bones.”

Another parent, who did not want to be named, said she was thrilled and relieved with the outcome.

She added: “The idea of having to move elsewhere in the middle of the school year would have been appalling.”

MP David Laws congratulated the group on its achievement, adding: “They have worked tirelessly since it was suggested that the school would close and, now, as a consequence of their actions, Chard School has a future once more.”