A MOTHER-to-be from Chard has been spared jail after admitting supplying heroin which killed her partner.

Sophie Ella Plyer, 26, of Furnham Road, pleaded guilty to supplying Class A drugs when she appeared at Taunton Crown Court in February.

Judge David Ticehurst deferred sentencing for six months at the same court last week, to allow her to give birth.

The court heard how Plyer had called the ambulance service shortly after 9.30am on August 1 to say her partner, Aaron Bristow, had overdosed and wasn’t breathing.

Despite paramedics’ best efforts, he could not be revived and post-mortem results showed the cause of death was acute morphine toxicity.

Prosecuting, Caroline Bolt said: “Initially, the defendant told police she had injected her partner in the groin with 0.1g of heroin, and then herself.

“CCTV showed that Mr Bristow didn’t leave the flat but she did – just after 7.10am and returned at about 8.10am. She was seen at a cashpoint and was seen using a mobile phone.

“The conclusion is that she went out and bought the heroin and they both took it. Her condition when the police arrived supported this – she couldn’t be interviewed for some time.”

Tests on Plyer’s blood levels suggested she had taken heroin that morning, and there were also traces of methadone, diazepam and another drug in Mr Bristow’s blood.

Defending, Lawrence Wilcox said: “She is due a child on May 13 and she has already made great strides to turn her life around.”

Summing up, Judge David Ticehurst expressed concern for Plyer’s unborn baby. He said: “You are on methadone, which means this poor little girl – who is not yet born – is also being exposed to it.

“Women who are pregnant are advised not to smoke or drink alcohol as it’s not good for the baby, so what on Earth do you think methadone does to a baby? Is she going to be born a drug addict?

“I am going to defer sentence to allow you to keep making the progress you appear to be making. If your life is back on track, if you are keeping away from those influences and you are not on drugs, you won’t go to prison.

“Otherwise, the likelihood is that you will go to prison and you won’t have the baby with you.

“I hope the birth goes well and you look after this baby. It’s down to you to sort yourself out and give this little girl the best possible chance.”

Plyer is due to return to Taunton Crown Court on September 2.