CATS on a quiet street in Ilminster have been killed by two ‘out-of-control’ dogs, residents claim.

In the latest attack on Saturday, Monica Ives, of Blackdown View, heard a commotion in the street and went outside her home to find a dog swinging a cat around in its teeth.

She said: “I heard a noise but I couldn’t believe it when I saw what was happening – it was horrible.

“I tried to pull the cat out of the dog’s teeth, and the owner was also trying to get his dog to drop the cat, but I stopped because I thought I would get bitten, too.

“I have a young daughter and two cats, so it is a real worry.”

Once the dog had released its grip on the cat, Monica took it to the vet but she said it later died.

Another resident, Margaret Masters, who also has two cats, said the attacks have increased in the past 12 months.

She said: “I am worried because if the dogs have that in them and a little child is in the wrong place at the wrong time, it could be a lot worse.”

Avon and Somerset Police say it is a criminal offence to have dogs which are dangerous or out of control but added that they would only investigate such attacks if they were on a person rather than another animal.

But Margaret says more should be done before something more serious happens.

She added: “They have the taste of blood – and they’re hunting dogs, anyway.

“I feel very strongly about it because I have two cats and love those cats to bits – they have feelings, too.

“I feel the police should look into their policies and that should be changed, because cats are somebody’s pet.

A spokesman for the RSPCA said it was looking into the matter.