IT has been announced that Somerset will have a single unitary authority, against the wishes of the local community.

Local democracy is dead. It has been on life support for many years. The funeral is planned for 2023.

I am compelled to admit that I voted against the majority in favour of this outcome.

Central government controls funding, infrastructure development, house building, education etc. Funding and responsibility need to be aligned.

Only about 10% of council tax is kept by the current local authority - sufficient to resurface a path or install a waste bin but little more. 

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They may be very nice people, but without the money or clout to deliver!

Retaining local authorities will simply perpetuate poor government, not change it. 

For that, a radical rethink of how democracy works is needed at both a local and national level.

The decision aligns with reality - power resides in those with control over the cash. 

It should be clearer who is accountable for failures (and successes) rather than a “pass the buck” blame culture.

We can only hope they use their extended powers wisely. The ballot box still exists should they fail!