BGE and Pirates share top spot in the Domino Summer Skittles League with 12 points from their seven matches played to date.

BGE gained their sixth win of the season when they beat Avengers by six pins with J. Sandford hitting 50 for the leaders.

Pirates, meanwhile, enjoyed a 22-pin win over Good Bad and Ugly where S. Bagg hit 56.

Chilli Peppers are just one point behind the leading pair in third spot.

They dropped a point in their latest match when they were held to a 186-pins apiece draw with Black Eyed Peas.

J. Finn his 53 for the Chilli Peppers, while R. Body knocked 51 for the Black Eyed Peas.

At the other end of the table Hit & Miss and the Musketeers prop up the rest with just one win each from their seven matches played so far this season.

Results: Chillip Peppers 186 (J. Finn 53), Black Eyed Peas 186 (R. Body 51); Good Bad and Ugly 174 (Fraser 51), Pirates 196 (S. Bagg 56); Haystacks 183 (Steve 52), 4+1 (Steve 54); Split Pins 200 (N. Compton 57), Dominators 212 (Matt 58); Hit and Miss 199 (E. Gage 62), Musketeers 181 (D. Thompson 56); Captain’s Crew 190 (S. Moulding 53), Outcasts 210 (A. Oraboa 62); Drifters 180 (D. Waller 51), Odds and Ends 184 (R. Mewberry 55); BGE 178 (J. Sandford 50), Avengers 172 (Adrian 49).