CHARD and District Club swimmers had the chance to improve their personal best times at the Somerset Development Gala at Hutton Moor, writes Steph Hallam.

Nine-year-olds Tamsin Edge and Ella Harvey obtained speeding tickets in the 200m breaststroke event. Tamsin’s time of 4min04.26sec and Ella’s time of 4.10.61 were faster than the upper qualifying limit.

Jamie Lillington, 11, also received a speeding ticket in the 200m freestyle event with a time of 2.48.21.

Results. 50m freestyle: 1st – Joe Spurway and Jamie Spiller, Jay Kindred, 4th – Abigail Bonning and Oliver Carslake, 5th – Joshua Bolton and Liam Mathieson, 7th – Sam Minson and Ryan Adair, 8th – Bea Brett, Lewis Evans and Daniella Edge. 100m freestyle: 3rd – Melissa Hanson, Jamie Spiller, 5th – Oliver Carslake, 6th – Joe Spurway. 200m freestyle: 1st – Bea Brett and Melissa Hanson, 2nd – Ashley Lillington, 3rd – Abigail Bonning, Adam Reid, 4th – Charlie Kendall, Libby Barnes, 6th – Billie- Jo Dance, Joe Spurway, 7th – Lewis Evans, 8th Sam Minson.

50m breaststroke: 4th – Tamsin Edge and Liam Mathieson. 100m breaststroke: 3rd – Wilf Gosden and Jay Kindred. 200m breaststroke: 2nd – Joshua Bolton, 3rd – Adam Reid. 50m Backstroke: 1st – Bea Brett. 5th – Charlie Kendall, 6th Abigail Bonning and Daniella Edge, 8th – Ryan Adair. 100m backstroke – 2nd Jamie Spiller, 4th – Melissa Hanson. 8th – Nathan Roberts. 200m backstroke: 2nd – Adam Reid and Melissa Hanson, 8th – Jamie Lillington. 50m butterfly: 3rd – Adam Reid. 6th – Jonathan Crees, 7th Billie-Jo Dance. 100m individual medley: 1st – Charlie Kendall, 2nd – Adam Reid, Bea Brett, 4th – Ella Harvey, Daniella Edge, Ryan Adair, 5th – Tamsin Edge, 8th – Jade Hawkins. 200m individual medley: 3rd – Jamie Lillington.

Other participants mostly attaining personal bests were: Chloe Andrews, Rosie Bolton, Lucie Krimmelbein, Alice Healy, Carrie Lewis, Florence Swan, Sarah Underwood, Harriet Uren, Mollie Simpson, Lauren Real, Natalie Underwood, Tom Simpson, Jacob Crofton and Jonathan Crees.