COACHES at Chard RFC are gearing up and sorting out the equipment ready for the first mini section training session of the season on Sunday, September 6.

Training starts at 10am with lots of fun and variety for all the players involved. This year, to allow young players to ‘have a try’, Chard are allowing new players to come along to the first three training sessions to see how they get on, without commitment or fees.

Coach Matt Crouch said: “In this way players from the age of six to 16 can come and see if they like it.”

For ages six and seven this is completely non-contact tag rugby. The club has newly-trained level one coaches coming in to boost the broad-based coaching team. Many have completed their SAQ (speed agility and quickness) courses over the last year, allowing them to be ever more inventive in routines to promote fitness, agility and balance.

The club promotes teamwork, confidence, sportsmanship and good manners along with all the other health benefits from fresh air and exercise Matt added: “Please come along with the children and have a go. We have an extensive list of matches and tournaments across the season.

“If you are not convinced, come and chat with some of the parents of the players who are already taking part.”

For more information, contact Matt on 01460-53284.