ILMINSTER Bowling Club has paid tribute to a former club member in a new competition in his honour.

The club played the inaugural Mark Denslow Shield competition over the weekend and it was a huge success.

The competition was in memory of Mark and his passion for coaching and skills.

His impact on the club cannot be understand and he will always be sadly missed within the club and Somerset.

Throughout the competition, the skills that were included in the competition were a range from Jack casting, draw to the ditch, playing a yard a weight into the head with a total being added up at the end of the disciplines.

The competition was open to all members to have a go and a large number did, all of whom said it was an enjoyable competition.

The final two then played a three-end shootout for the title which was won this year by Alison Atyeo.

A spokesperson from the club said: "This has been incredibly well supported by the club members with the last 3 days being dedicated to this event.

"He will always be sadly missed within the club and Somerset.

"The money we have raised over the weekend will go towards a new set of bowls for the juniors and club members to use

"Congratulations to Alison and she was presented with the trophy by Kate Denslow.

"Thanks also to Dave Crouch for organising this event and all the volunteers who helped mark and score the event and to everyone who participated."

In other news at the club, they had a difficult weekend in the county finals competition.

Dan Winmill lost the the PBA quailifer semi final at Dolphin BC to the eventual winner John Wilson.

Will Anderson, Simon Barnard and James Amery losing to Tim Salter from Street in the county triples final.

Elsewhere, in the county singles and pairs finals, there were two defeats for Ilminster player.

Dan lost to Mark Woods and Dan and James Amery lost to Craig Keats and Neil Kunc.

Despite the defeats in a tricky weekend, it was still a great effort from all involved as they represented Ilminster well.

Earlier in the weekend though, the Ilminster four of Matt Hamilton, Alan Holt, Ian Lightfoot and James Amery won the Somerset County Fours Wilf Miller Trophy after a 23-6 win over Nailsea.

"Congratulations to the lads and to Alan Holt who today won his first county title," the club said.