ILMINSTER Bowling Club have begun work on the green surround at the Tesco end after the end of the season.

The current wall has been removed and gutted ready for the new tarmac around the green in the coming weeks and months.

A spokesperson from the club said: "We will start then building the new structure along the Tesco end of the green which will be a new area for spectators and visitors can sit and watch the bowls.

"We look forward to a busy winter getting ready for next summer and improving the clubs facilities again for all members benefit."

In other news at the club, it has also announced and welcomed a new sponsor  in Milford & Dormor Solicitors.

The club said: "Milford & Dormor Solicitors have worked with the club on a number of occasions when sorting out matters on the clubs behalf and are local to Ilminster, so again members use them for legal support.

"We again would like to welcome them as our newest sponsor this season."

Staying at the club, but changing sports, the tennis section of the club held the annual end of season 2023 Mixed Tennis Doubles tournament at the weekend.

The club was delighted with a very good turn out with eight men and eight ladies participants.

Some excellent tennis was played, and lots of fun had all during a lovely social get-together.

The eventual winners were Marcus Philpott and Liz Deem, so congratulations to them.

The club said: "Thanks to all those who entered and for making this event a success, and appreciation to Liz D and Jo Searle for their dedicated efforts in running on the day."

In addition to the tournament, the club also took a moment to recognise Danny Whaites for his long-standing service to the club.

Over many years, Danny has been involved with the tennis club in a large number of roles.

"Danny has not only served on the Management Team Committee but has also captained the Men's A tennis team for many, many years," the club added.

"As a token of our appreciation, a whisky tumbler and a tot of whisky was presented to him. Many thanks Danny for all you have done."