ALFIE Ogborne was a tired but very happy young man when he walked off the pitch at the end of Somerset’s championship match that ended in a draw on Thursday evening, writes Richard Walsh.

This was no surprise though given that the 19 year old was making his championship debut in the match during which he had also claimed his maiden wicket- the prized scalp of England batter James Vince.

“It’s been a dream come true for me and if you’d have told me that I’d be here a year ago I’d have laughed at you. It has been a real special journey so far and I can’t say that I was expecting the call up which came last weekend after the quarter final. 

“I was just so excited about the opportunity that when I got out there I gave it my all so I feel pretty tired now, but very proud. I’m very grateful to my parents and the people around me who have helped me to get to where I am.”

Alfie went on: “It’s just so amazing to be in verbal tussles with the likes of Liam Dawson and Nick Gubbins are some of the little things that have happened during this match that have been really special for me. To come from bowling at Ilminster to trying to get international players out is quite amazing. 

“I took every moment to the heart and I loved every moment of it. I gave it my all this week because it was just so special to be out there. This is a great club and I am just so, so grateful  and I am so lucky to play here, it means such a lot to me.”

Alfie talked about claiming the wicket of James Vince.

“Before the start of the game I actually told the boys in the morning that I was going to get him out nicked off and they all laughed at me. But I had that feeling, being the young kid he probably felt that he could push his hands through that ball, but lucky for me it just took the edge and a great catch from Tom Lammonby.

“The first thing that I said to the coaches when I came here was that I want to be top all time wicket taker at Somerset which I know is going to be hard work but I still stand by that.

Alfie added: “I want to play every single game for this club for the team in first class cricket, T20 and 50 overs, I just want to play every game and I will play with my heart on my sleeve every single time. I will give my all to this club which is all that matters to me!”