IT was a historic day for Ilminster Bowling Club last week as they hosted the Middleton Cup for the first time in its 94 year history.

Ilminster hosted the Somerset vs Cornwall match in the cup, which Somerset won.

It was the first game of the Middleton Cup and means Somerset progress to the next round.

They won on 4 rinks and drawing on 2 to take a great first win to the next game against Warwickshire on Saturday, June 17.

There were eight Ilminster bowlers in the Somerset squad, further highlighting the strength at the club.

Will Anderson, Jason Miles, Oli Collins, Steve Turner, Matt Hamilton, Levi Hembrow, Neil Rowe and George Miles all played in the match.

A spokesperson from the club said of the Middleton Cup: "Ilminster this week enter a moment of history for the club with Ilminster Bowling & Tennis Club hosting the first Somerset Middleton Cup game in its 94 year history.

"Ilminster in September 2019 decided to resurface the green and one of our many goals following this was to have Somerset men’s performance teams playing at Ilminster."

As part of the historic day the club also ran a drinks special hour between 3pm - 4pm and then another drinks special hour between 5.30-6.30 after the bowls match has finished against Cornwall.

A special shoutout should also be given to Oli Collins from Ilminster Bowling Club.

He reached the semi final of the Under 25 Singles competition at the weekend.

He won his Quarter Final over Toddi from Street 21-10 and over Zack Broom from Congresbury 21-10.

The club said: "Congratulations to Oli Collins who reached the semi final of the under 25s singles."

In other news at the club, they are hosting a Welcome Day event this weekend.

The day will give locals a chance to experience bowls and it will be held on Sunday, June 11 from 10am to 12 midday.

"Please come and join us for a two hour session of fun bowls , meet new people and enjoy a new sport with us.

"All ages and abilities are welcome and all equipment is provided for the day."

The clubs coaches and staff will be on hand to support and train people through their first session of bowls.