Chard Ladies 1st 2-1 Winscombe Ladies 2nd

AFTER a draw away to White Eagles last week Chard really needed to get something out of today's game in order to stay safe in the league.

Winscombe are a tough team to play and Chard knew that after losing 2-1 away to them earlier in the season.

Winscombe started the game strong and put early pressure on Chard's defence, but were unable to get the first goal.

However, the first goal of the game came from a well executed short corner routine, which resulted in Amy Goss slipping the ball between the goalies legs from the P spot.

Winscombe eventually got the equaliser in the middle of the first half when Hannah McGown saved a strike and a forward was there to slot the ball into the goal.

After the equaliser Chard found their rhythm and passed the ball around the pitch to get into their attacking half.

Chard's second goal came again from a short corner, when Lois slipped the ball to Amy Goss who had plenty of time to pick her spot and struck the ball into the left corner.

The first half ended 2-1.

The second half saw a lot of end of end action, with Winscombe having the majority of the attacking play, but being unable to score the equaliser.