McKerrow XV 24-21 Wooten XV

A capacity crowd turned up on Friday night to be entertained by some legends at Chard Rugby club lead by Andrew 'Jock' McKerrow as he entered his 50th year in what turned out to be a very competitive and closely contested match.

The 'home team lead by McKerrow chose to go up the hill in the first half and from Referee Dave McMealings whistle the game got underway at pace.

It wasn't long before Billy McVernon galloped away on his dodgy legs to go over the line despite Craig McRight making a last ditch effort to knock the big man into touch and Kevin McGeorge definitely had his kicking boots on and slotted the extras 0-7.

Not to be out done Jocks big forwards bashed their way up the middle with Chip McLees bossing from 9, when the time was right Clive McAdams at 10 started a move and Archie McArter crossed the line but Gavin McSmillie failed to add the extras 5-7. 

From the restart some fierce tackling from both side, notably from Neil McHenley, Captain McWooten and father and son team Phil & Sam McTaylor kept the game in the balance.

Despite a number of impressive runs from Mick McDuffy it was Jocks 15 who would cross the line before the break and Steve "Booby" McLarcombe took charge of the kicking duties and made no mistake 12-7 at the break.

The second half got underway with Jocks team looking the better team with Eric McSingleton and Darius McTowers linking well to put McWootens team under pressure.

And from a ruck in the middle of the park a gap appeared giving Gavin McSimpson acres of room to dash through and increase the lead and John McHursthouse secured the extras 19-7.

From the off it was clear that this was no longer a friendly when Ed McDrew was taken out off the ball and from the penalty Phil McBroom and Martin McCarnell bashed through after their quick tap and although Kieran McSmillie thought he'd made a try saving tackle Tom McWoods dived over the line to close the gap and this time Ross McFanyinka made no mistake with the kick  19-14.

With the game being nearly over bragging rights looked like they were going to be Jocks but with a spilled ball in the McWooten 22, Simon McLane kicked for territory and Will McBastin chased up the wing closely followed by Dave McLock and between them dazzled the defence offloading to Keith McMilton to go over the line 19-19.

With the kick to ruin Jocks night. The kick was lined up from a difficult angle and Steve McLong put the Wooten XV into the lead in the dying minutes with just time for the kickoff. Surely the game was won? 19 - 21.

The short kick to restart was gathered by Paul Mcwight and from the ruck the game should have been put to an end but from sheer grit and determination McKerrows forwards drove over.

From the resulting line out Kieran McSmillie leaped like a Scottish salmon to retain the ball setting the drive for the line.

The defence seemed to almost step aside as the ball was released to Mckerrow apart from McBroom who was defiant till the end.

Mckerrow dived for the line and with a look from the Referee at linesman McBowdich  the try was given and despite the kick being awful Mckerow had won the match for his team.