COMBE St Nicholas Football Club, like all other sports clubs across the country, is experiencing the challenges of the coronavirus lockdown.

Club chairman Luc Logan knows how many people miss grassroots sport, and is keen to highlight the dedication of those who keep community clubs ticking over.

Logan said: “How we miss the beautiful game and how we miss the excitement, disappointment, tension, satisfaction and friendship we all experience when we are part of something a little bigger than ourselves - a club.

“Every club in the country needs a committee and they are made up of volunteers. Those volunteers are the engine which drives most clubs.

“They don’t get paid, they often don’t get rewarded or thanked, but still they deliver.

“Through their own satisfaction and motivation they do the essential things that allow players to train, develop, play and socialise in a safe environment.

“They keep the grounds maintained, keep the fundraising up and those clubs looking loved!

“So if we are to congratulate heroes in sport, I would like to congratulate every volunteer involved in sport throughout the area and especially those on the Combe St Nicholas FC committee.

“We are proud of our key workers, club secretary Teri McDonald - service manager for Somerset Mental Health Service - and treasurer Sarah Miles, a farmer providing for the food industry.

“Vice-chairman Steve Chadwick and his son Harry have learned how to cut the grass on the pitches and keep them maintained.

“Committee members Oli Hine and Rob Dyer have replaced fences that have fallen down to ensure livestock are safe and secured.

“First team manager Darren Manley has supported the club with essential building repairs after the storms.

“Reserve team manager James Gilbert has set up a Facebook group challenging all players with daily competitions, tracking their scores and overall progress!

“All of these people and others not mentioned have stepped up in times of need.

“Let’s not forget the effort made by the committee, the players and friends of the club throughout the season.

“We only survive because of their support, commitment and loyalty.

“These things are what make sport beautiful.

“I cannot wait for local competitive sport to return, so we can enjoy all of the amazing challenges and experiences we are missing now.

“On behalf of Combe FC, I look forward to meeting you on the battlefield once again!”

Would you like to nominate a ‘club hero’ - someone working in the NHS or our essential services, or an unsung hero who is committed to grassroots sport? Let us know via