THE Verde Recreo Men’s Hockey League has calculated its final tables using a percentage points formula, after the termination of the season.

Taunton Vale men’s 1st XI have been placed third in the Premiership, with Vale A eighth in Conference South.

Bridgwater finish third and Vale B seventh in Central 1, while Minehead sit second in Central 2 and are set for promotion.

Another team in line for promotion are Taunton Civil Service, who top Southern 2, with Bridgwater A second and Vale B third in West Central 1 - and Bridgwater B seventh in West Central 2.

Chard finish second and Minehead A seventh in South East 1; Vale D are first, Chard A second, Civil Service A third, Chard B fourth, Vale E 10th, Minehead B 11th and Bridgwater 12th in South East 2.

The full tables can be viewed here.

The West Clubs Women’s League is in the process of finalising its own tables on a points percentage basis.