MERRIOTT Youth Football Club held their presentation evening to celebrate another successful season for the teams.

Chairman Paul Lawrence thanked everyone for coming and managers, coaches, players and their families for completing their fixtures in a difficult season.

He thanked secretary Monica, tea ladies and daughters Rebecca and Annie and Kelly and Emily, Charter Standard Co-Ordinator Dominic Lawrence and Matt Tither for arranging the race night.

Also, thanks to Maiden Beech and Andrew their caretaker, Merriott Parish Council and Hinton Village Hall for providing the facilities.

The collection this year for charity is the Breast Cancer Appeal for Yeovil Hospital and a grand sum of £300 was raised on the day going with the Yeovil & District fund - over £1,600 was raised in all and will be presented on Wednesday.

The award winners were as follows:

Under-6 Marvels - Gabriel Oldfield, Toby Date, Teddy Pithers, Archie Blunn (most improved), Bruno Baker, Rupert Conroy, James Thorneycroft, Braxton Bailey, Zak Rasheed, Oliver Dore, Emerson Williams, Xavi Williams.

Under-7s Rhinos - James Reader (player of the year), James Tuck (manager's choice), Laurence Goldsmith, Harry Willmott, Morgan King (coaches' choice), Finn Cowie, Charlie Tither (runner-up Player of the Year), Tyler Pithers, Bethany Williams (most improved), Joe Kading, Solomon Rand.

Under-8 Raptors - Tyler Manson (manager's choice), Henry Chard, Charlie Chard, Thomas Shire, Lerryn Brown, Nolen Gratton, Laurence Khan-Davis, Tiffany Parkes (coaches' choice and runner-up Player of the Year), Ashley Shalders, Kai Baker (most improved and Player of the Year).

Under-8 Panthers -Joseph Djeebet (manager's choice and joint Player of the Year), Theo Thomason, Joshua Brister Warr, Teegan Marsh (most improved), Jasper Stewart (coaches' choice), Henry Merritt (joint Player of the Year), Monty Harwood-Smith, Jack Smith.

Under-9 Roosters: Winners of the Champions Plate - Fletcher Pithers (coaches' choice), Oliver Cowie (most improved), Poppy Conroy (manager's choice), Finley Blunn (runner-up Player of the Year), Ryan Date, Charlie Denby (Player of the Year), Zac Dabinett, Stanley Glover, Euan Stafford, Toby Pattemore, Dolly Baker, Louie Cave, Patryk Gawrys.

Under-9s Vikings - Billy Kading, Alex White (runner-up Player of the Year), George Mitchell (most improved), Josselyn Maynard (Player of the Year), Raphael Baker, Giulio D’Andrea, Millie Tither, Elsie Newton, Benjamin Edwards (manager's choice), Joshua Horwood (coaches' choice), Arthur Thurston, Levi Adams.

Under-10s Gruffaloes - Roxy Hurford (Player of the Year), Jarvis Haines, Kacper Wall (manager's choice), Emily Bending, Toby Voss (runner-up Player of the Year and coaches' choice), Ashton Symes (most improved), Mollie Barratt, Noah Barratt, Dylan Riley, Cayden Tizzard.

Under-10 Minions: runners-up in KO Cup - John Williams, Liam Gerrish (most improved), Jonathan Harwood-Smith, Jamie Hunnisett, Elvin German-Campusano, Mark Hollard (joint runner-up Player of the Year), Pixie Knott (coaches' choice), Reece Miller, Jaxon Bulloch (joint runner-up Player of the Year), Neven Gratton (manager's choice), Henry Rendall, Moken Mills (Player of the Year).

Under-11 Knights - Ryan Collins, Alfie Hobbs (runner-up Player of the Year), Ben French, Finley Cullingford (manager's choice), Henry Lant, Cameron Jewell (Player of the Year), Archie Cummins, Lincoln Scrase, Harry Gentle, Louka Gentle, Reagan Mitchell (coaches' choice), George Geraghty (team player), Riley Manley.

Under-12 Raiders - Callum Abbott (Player of the Year), Owen Abbott, Harvey Chard, Jack Wilson, Corey Hill (team player), Cody Merrett, Cohen Fry (manager's choice), Lachlan Rice, Oliver Self (runner-up Player of the Year), Luke Theobold (coaches' choice), Harry Gentle, Louka Gentle, Joel Francis.

Under-12 Sharks: Winners of Division 3 David Trophy - Danielle Charles (manager's choice), Kye Geary, Ryan Collins, Ethan Webb, Sam Tanner, Samuel Gummer, James Horrocks (coaches' choice), Toby Nolan (runner-up Player of the Year), Adam Griffiths, Fin Selfe, Clayton Singleton (team player), Owen Hurford (Player of the Year), Monty Harwood-Hyett, Dylan Stewart, Harry Lowe.

Under-13 Eagles - Samuel Wetherall, Ryan Follett (team player), James Treacher (Player of the Year), Archie Pithers, Alfie Godfrey, Robson Hooper (runner-up Player of the Year), Finn Kruszynski (manager's choice), Jacob Gentle, Jamie Morris, Dylan Thompson, Ollie Lehman, Ethan Tanner (coaches' choice).

Under-14 Vipers - Alex Payne, Harrison Wallis (runner-up Player of the Year), Fabien Coombe, Dean Thomas, Harry Gould, Joshua Lamb (coaches' choice), Charlie Mulligan, Cameron Walters (team player), Joe Skelsey (manager's choice), Devon Last (Player of the Year), Kayne Ballin, Robbie McCutcheon, Alex Dennis (coaches' choice), Harvey Matthews, Ollie Gregory.

Under-16 Eagles: Winners of the Division 2 KO Cup and Runners-up Division 2 - Will McCutcheon, Etienne Coombe, Kyle Hawkins (runner-up Player of the Year), Josh Morris (manager's choice), Jake Nicholas, Jack Lewis, Joe Hattersley, Nicola Johnson, Wilf Hunt, Zach Walters, Louka Parkman (Player of the Year), Jorge Lee-Gama, Alec Hayton (coaches' choice), Max Cleminson, Josh Welch, Owen Staddon, Finn Treacher (team player).

Under-16 Scorpions: Winners of Division 1 KO Cup, Winners of Division 1, Winners of the Yeovil Youth League and semi-final of the County Cup - Noah Kruszynski, Benjamin Gentle (Player of the Year), Ryan Gerrish, Kane Lee, Luke Chant, Blaine Lawrence (coaches' choice), Max Tryhorn (runner-up Player of the Year), Lewis Bolland (manager' choice), Aidee Chislett, Reece Self, Sean Salter, Morley Gold, Thomas Smith (team player), Thomas Hallett, Charlie Gosney, Clayton Hayne, Bradley Sivell

Merriott Wildcats (men) - Player of the Year Tyler Perrett, runner-up Player of the Year and coaches' choice Toby Wyatt, manager's choice and most appearances in the Perry Street League Ollie Wheatley, top goalscorer Ross Jewell, runner-up top goalscorer Danny Baker, team player Callum Newton.

Merriott Dynamos - Player's player Jacob Pippard; Clubpersons of the Year: the Merrick family, who help the team to run smoothly, Tom, Zoe, Josh and Ashley;

manager's choice Lewis Mitchell, coaches' choice Dave Eglon and Jack McDougall.