CHARD Road Runners were in action at the Dorset Invader, Helen Baxter choosing this old event in a new location to really push herself for endurance.

The new start point for the Invader was just over the Somerset border at Pilsdon, with 12 hours to do as many or as few laps as you like.

Baxter’s target was seven laps (marathon distance), which she achieved in 6hr 37min 53 sec.

Sunday saw Roddy, Stuart and Fiona McLean join Baxter on the start line for the Dorset Invader Marathon, climbing the highest and second highest hills in Dorset not once but twice.

All four completed the tough course – Roddy in 5h 9m 7s (ninth), Stuart in 5h 9m 59s (10th) and Fiona 5h 24m 22s (19th).

Baxter took a while longer in 7h 21m 29s (127th).

And Baxter wasn’t done – on the Monday, she took part in the Chaos, a novelty race.


LAST weekend, CRRs picked up the miles with two events – this first being the longest single-lap road ultra race in the UK, The Dartmoor Discovery.

This road race takes in Princetown, Ashburton, Widecombe-On-The-Moor and Postbridge, and Bernie Genge and Paul Masters were joined by Lisa White.

White, recovering from a knee injury, crossed the line in 6h 6m 30s, ahead of Genge in 6h 7m 7s 112/180 and Masters in 6h 19m 47s.

The Crewkerne 10k attracted Liam Whyte, Philip Goodridge-Reynolds, Lizzie Smith, Claire Gibbs, Kate Phillips, Helen Baxter and Nicky Smith.

Whyte crossed first for CRRs in 43m 20s, Phillips 48m 55s 46/177, Goodridge-Reynolds 50m 17s, Baxter 1h 01m 39s, Lizzie Smith 1:02:37, Claire Gibbs 1:06:57 and Nicky Smith in 1:15:47 (PB).

Miranda Coleberd and Abbey Short finished the 5k together.