YEOVIL Town fans have been enraged by the sight of players and staff partying in a Taunton nightclub just hours after the club were relegated from League Two.

The Glovers' 16-year stay in the Football League was brought to an end after they threw away a 2-0 lead in a draw at Northampton Town on Saturday.

Town were playing Championship football in 2013/14 but suffered consecutive relegations and have been struggling at the lower end of League Two in recent years.

This season, their luck has run out and the sight of some of the club's players and staff at Mambo, in Taunton, on Saturday night were met with anger by the club's supporters.

Eiron Fitzgerald wrote: "The day they drop out the Football League, out in a night club looking as happy as Larry. Completely understand they have a private life but don't pose for photos when many many fans are hurting."

Andy Cleave added: "The pictures of players on the p*** the same day we lose our Football League status are a disgrace. Have no issue in them letting off steam, but there is a time and place."

Fan account Glove_Actually wrote: "I have no issue with the squad going out and socialising, but come on guys, going out the night we got relegated is pure stupidity of the highest order."

Jake Vincent added: "I’m ok with players going drinking we shouldn’t surprised that they do, but I think it’s fair to question whether them going out on the day our relegation was confirmed is a good idea."

Joshua Cutbush said: "Seeing the Yeovil players going on a night out after they have just got us relegated shows the sort of attitude and calibre of players we have playing for us - get rid of most of them, rebuild and go again."

Yeovil's relegation means Somerset will not have a Football League team next season for the first time since 2003.