CHARD Road Runners would have had another all female line up for the Honiton Hippo had it not been for the presence of Simon Hall.

In total, six took on the challenging race, with the club's newest member, Abbey Short, choosing it as her first race.

The going was pretty windy but it was a fantastic race with all the mud and thigh deep pools of water to get through (not to mention two river crossings) adding to the fun.

Hall kept his competitive streak and came home first for the club, 77th overall, in 1:16:22; he was followed by Claire Pomeroy, 120th in 1:28:10.

Miranda Coleberd and Short ran together, finishing 169th in 1:50:27 and 170th in 1:50:29, respectively.

Lizzie Smith and Nicky Smith also finished together in 175th and 176th, both in 1:56:47.