SOMERSET head coach Jason Kerr has admitted he will remain “apprehensive” about the ECB’s new 100-ball competition until further details are revealed.

The tournament took a step closer to reality recently when playing conditions were confirmed after a 17-1 vote in favour from the First Class counties.

Kerr said: “I think there’s still so much water to go under the bridge until we know exactly what is going on in terms of the structure, the set up and what it looks like.

“At the minute I’m a bit apprehensive.

“It could be brilliant, it could be really exciting, but it could really pose a challenge to the First Class game. We will have to wait and see.

“We would like to be a lot clearer on the shape of cricket moving forward.

"That isn’t the case so we have to deal with it and move forward when we get more information.

“There’s no doubt it’s going ahead so it’s a great opportunity for the players.

“There is a lot of rumour and hearsay – for me it’s about definitive, black and white information where we can see what it looks like.”

One such rumour regards the possibility of host counties sharing coaching staff and players with the new franchises being set up at their grounds.

Asked whether that concerns him from a Somerset perspective, Kerr replied: “Yeah, definitely. It’s important that it’s shared around the game and everyone has an equal opportunity to get involved in it.

“We are not a host ground but, if we were, I’d like to think we would remain objective and make sure it wasn’t about us, but about the new franchises and trying to promote the game.

“I need to see it in action. I like the fact we are trying to take the game forward and trying to reach a new audience as we want cricket to last.

“But I am also a bit of a traditionalist.

"I love the four-day game, it’s the Holy Grail for the Somerset fans, and for me the sense of achievement would be winning the County Championship, not the 100-ball competition.”