LISA Jane Mather, from Chard, was the second fastest female at last Sunday’s Dartmoor Vale marathon.

Mather’s excellent time of 3:45:42 was also the quickest in her age group - even more impressive considering she has only been running for two years.

Bernard Genge, of Chard Road Runners, also clocked a fine time, coming home in 3:54:39.

Mather said: “The weather was against us through the entire race - the headwind was strong and very bitter and seemed harder the second time around the course with all the hills to tackle.

“But I had pure joy running around the corner and hearing the loud speaker announcing that I was second lady.

“The crowd applauding made it all worthwhile and it was lovely receiving my reward at the end.”

Chard & Ilminster News:


Sole Chard Road Runner Helen Baxter headed off for the Cornish Marathon on Sunday morning.

The threatened rain had gone through the previous day which brought a fine start and warmer than expected conditions.

With a quick double round of the village, it was then into the hills and Baxter's recent form helped with the first 15 miles seeming like a constant climb until rounding the highest point of the route at The Jamaica Inn.

She started to make good progress with the long downhill section that led to some short sections of flooded road coming through the flood.

Baxter had the last hill to clear before the last mile of downhill to the finish line and she crossed in 5h 20m.