A BUSY weekend for Chard Road Runners started with Andrew Leeson heading up to Whitehaven on Saturday to start the 140-mile C2C ultra marathon. 

All was going well, with quality ice cream en-route, but things were not to continue that way, as at 60 miles Leeson suffered a foot injury and, feeling that he would be unable to complete the course within the cut-off time, reluctantly withdrew from the race.

Continuing the ‘white’ theme were the East Farm races at Winterbourne Whitechurch, three of which form part of the club championship competition. 

First was the marathon, and CRRs’ only representative was Helen Baxter.

In near-perfect running conditions she set off intending to have a fun time with friends. 

All was going well until a random tree root caused a sudden face plant, but luckily no serious harm was done and she finished the race in 6:36:53.

Fifteen minutes after the marathon start, Matt Baker and Mike Egan headed off for the half, both men in a good position to take this year’s shield. 

It was Baker who would prove victorious, coming home in 2:12:21, with Egan finishing in 2:36:30.

All was not lost for Egan, though, as he was also participating in the evening 10k race along with Lizzie and Nicky Smith, the event to take place after a charity beer mile obstacle race in which Baxter was running as part of a team. 

Egan picked up maximum club points, coming home in 52:36, while Lizzie Smith was saving energy for her early race the next day but still put in a good time of 1:17:43, with Nicky back in 1:28:11.

The weather had deteriorated overnight, but 8am on Sunday saw Lizzie head off again for a 12-hour frolic race – run as far as you can (or want to) within 12 hours.

She achieved her goal of reaching marathon distance, pushing on through the rain.

Back in Somerset, Nicky Smith was on the start line for the Battle of Sedgemoor 10k in Langport and was on the finish line in 1:16, soggy but happy.