A CHILLY week for the Seniors of Cricket St Thomas Golf Club commenced on Monday, when 33 players entered a three-man Texas scramble.

In extremely cold conditions, the course did not assist the teams due to the erratic bounce of the ball.

However, three teams managed sub-60 scores, with only two shots covering the first three positions.

The highlight of the day was a hole-in-one at the par-three ninth hole, as Brian Marsh aced it with a nine iron, which assisted his team to victory.

1. Brian Marsh; Jerry Stephens & George Wallace - 57.33
2. Roger Davis; Bernie Skeels & Malcolm Roy - 57.84
3. Ian Housham; Richard Forster & Bert Robinson - 59.50

The continuing cold spell enticed only 15 players on Wednesday, when the scheduled programme for the day was altered to a three-man Texas scramble, as only 14 holes were open due to course maintenance.

With all greens being temporaries, scores were very low, with the winners taking the honours by 0.1 of a shot.

1. Richard Hall; Martin Leigh & James Siabi - 47.80
2. Mark Saunders; Ian Housham & Peter Spencer-Farr - 47.90

The scheduled March Hare competition on Friday was cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.