HOLYROOD Academy’s Year 8 boys indoor athletics team travelled to Richard Huish College on Tuesday, January 30 to compete in the County Indoor Athletics finals.

Tae Wakeling, Harvey Evans, Alec Evans, Connor White, Callum Boyland, Jake Dennis and Joe Peacock competed in a variety of events including shot putt, standing long jump, vertical jump, 4 x 2 relay, two-lap race, four-lap race and six-lap race.

All the boys performed well, but special mention has to go to Wakeling for winning his four-lap race, the shot putt and playing a part in the 4 x 1 relay race, which the boys also won.

After all the events had taken place, the competition appeared to be close.

The boys were ecstatic to finish second in the county and receive their silver medals.

Miss Sims, sports coach at Holyrood, said: “The boys performed and behaved extremely well – they were only 10 points behind the winners and are now second in the county.”