CHARD Bowls Club held their inaugural Men's All Day Triples Tournament, sponsored by founder members Arthur and Joyce Roberts, on Saturday (July 28).

It attracted teams from Devon, Dorset, Somerset and even one from Stoke Poges in Bucks. The final was eventually contested by Somerton and Congresbury, with Somerton running out as narrow winners by three shots. The rain stayed away and excellent day was had by all .

Somerton team: E. Robinson, R. Hartland, J. McFarlane.


ON Friday (July 27), Chard ladies played the third round of the Fear Cup against Frome Park. Chard lost by just five shots, Chard 54, Frome Park 57.

Scores: B. Angell, B. Raistrick, S. Read, P. Stow 18-19; P. Baldwin, C. Ashford, G. Leighton, R.P. Grout 16-16; B. Genge, C. Lambert, J. Cornelius, P. Gill 18-22. -o-

ON July 24, Chard ladies played a friendly lawn bowls match against Ilminster Ladies, Chard winning by 25 shots, 61-36.

Scores: G. Leighton, S. Read, P. Stow 22-12; S. Tinley, C. Lambert, P. Gill 28-10; B. Genge, B. Raistrick, R.P. Grout 11-14.


ON July 25, Chard ladies played a league match against Westlands ladies, winning overall by two shots 42-40.

Scores: home rink - R.P. Grout, G. Leighton, S. Read, P. Stow 27-12; away rink - P. Gill, B. Raistrick, J. Cornelius, E. Bray 15-28.


ON Sunday (July 29), Chard played against Axminster in a mixed friendly match. Chard won by four shots, 73-69.

Scores: B. Crabb, R. Palmer, L. Cobb, R.J. Grout 14-29; S. Tinley, W. Thomas, J. Fowler, R.P. Grout 18-13; J. Edwards, B. Edwards, P. Gill, B. Sams 24-16; J. Thomas, T. O'Hara, B. Raistrick, S. Fowler 17-11.


ON July 23, Chard Bowling Club played an indoor short mat match against Curry Mallet. Chard won three rinks and lost one, but won overall by 18 shots, 52-34.

Scores: D. Leech, D. Ducker, V. Barnard 18-6; M. Church, B. Fry, S. Ducker 10-13; D. Leech, D. Ducker, R. Barnard 13-6; A. Smith, M. Church, S. Ducker 11-9.