YOUNG Ilminster bowler Oli Collins has been selected to attend the Bowls England Under-18 Youth Academy trial at Royal Leamington Spa at the end of September.

Oli is one of just 12 boys selected from across the country, and the only boy from Somerset.

In nominating him for selection, James Branfield, Somerset Under-25s team manager, said: “Oli has had another progressive season, playing consistently well and coming third overall in a strong field of players in Somerset’s Under 18 singles tournament, which is particularly outstanding for an 11-year-old!”

Oli started in Year 7 at Holyrood Academy, Chard, this September.

A spokesman said: “We are delighted to have such an exceptionally talented student attending our school.

“We will support and encourage Oli in his endeavours to be the very best.”


OLI closed his domestic season at Ilminster winning the four wood pairs competition with his partner Tony Peterson on finals day over the weekend.

The two days of competitions had some very competitive matches, including a tied game that went to the extra end.

Men’s: Monelle Cup (4 Wood Club Championship): Winner - Levi Hembrow, runner-up - Jonathon Kingston; Woodhall Cup (4 wood Handicap Singles): Winner - Dave Crouch, runner-up, Tony Peterson; Spinks Cup (2 wood singles): Winner - Matt Hamilton, runner-up - Tony Peterson; Des Jones Cup (4 wood over 60’ singles): Winner - Dave Crouch, runner-up - Alan Holt; Mermagen Cup (4 wood Men’s pairs): Winners - Oli Collins and Tony Peterson, runners-up - Roy Orme and Jonathon Kingston; Simpson Cup (2 wood pairs): Winners - Des Maull and Ian Lightfoot, runners-up - Jo Morris and Barry Sims; Sutherland Cup (4 wood over 60’s pairs): Winners - Dave Hall and Dave Pugh, runners-up - Des Maull and Eddie Reid; P Crabb Cup (4 Wood non-winners): Winner - Steve Peasland, runner up Tony Peterson.

Ladies: Woodhall Cup (4 Wood Championship): Winner - Maureen Mitchell, runner up - Val Dargue; Chiffers Cup (2 Wood Singles): Winner - Shannon Crouch, runner-up - Maureen Mitchell; Fieldgate Cup (4 wood pairs): Winners - Sam Wall and Maureen Mitchell, runners up - Val Dargue and Norma Pugh.

Mixed: Glad Patten Trophy (4 Wood mixed singles): Winner - Angie Thompson, runner-up - Barry Sims; Scriven Cup (4 Wood Mixed pairs): Winners - Angie Thompson and Bev Brister, runners-up - Sam Wall and Ian Lightfoot.