ON Sunday Ilminster Bowling Club hosted a Somerset County Under-25s match against Cornwall, which Somerset won in front of a vocal crowd of supporters.

The Somerset team of boys and girls included seven bowlers from Ilminster.

On Tuesday Ilminster men played at Somerton in the Turnbull Cup, and proved the stronger team, winning by 89 shots to 31.

Scores: Tony Peterson, Colin White, Will Anderson & Matt Hamilton 21, D Sutton 10; Jonny Kingston, Barry Sims, Kevin Hamilton & Steve Turner 17, I Badman 10; Steve Peasland, Eric Keitch, Ian Lightfoot & Peter Mattravers 27, A Hoad 8; Levi Hembrow, Dave Crouch, Bev Brister & Chris Robinson 24, R Porter 3.

Ilminster faced Taunton Deane in the next round (played yesterday evening).

On Friday the men were at home to Street in the national double rink, with the hosts winning on both rinks and by 43 shots to 23.

Scores: Will Anderson, Jonny Kingston, Ian Lightfoot & Neil Rowe 25, T Salter 15; Levi Hembrow, Bev Brister, Peter Mattravers & Matt Hamilton 18, N Kunc 8.

In the County League on Saturday the A team hosted Clevedon Prom, with Ilminster winning on two of the three rinks and by 58 shots to 50, taking 10 points.

Scores: Will Anderson, Tony Peterson, Chris Robinson & Matt Hamilton 18, C Prees 17; Levi Hembrow, Kevin Hamilton, Bev Brister & Peter Mattravers 22, D Overett 11; Jonny Kingston, Alan Holt, Ian Lightfoot & Neil Rowe 18, K Chaney 22.

The B team were also at home, to Victoria Park (Bridgwater), winning two of the three rinks and 72-34 overall, to earn 10 points.

Scores: Des Maull, Ken Parker, Derek Bassett & Barry Sims 15, C Mead 19; Steve Peasland, Brian Welch, Dave Crouch & Rod Parkin 26, C Hampton 8; Kevin Crouch, Colin White, Ken Giles & Eric Keitch 31, D Hannaford 8.

The C team were away to Bridgwater C, with Ilminster winning one of the three rinks and losing 60-57, collecting two points.

Scores: Oli Collins, Eddie Read, Roy Orme and David Pugh 25, T Whitehead 16; Colin Osborne, Dave Hall, Tony Bickle and Malcolm Norton 14, C Hill 20; Eric Turner, Ian Dunford, John Mitchell and Roger Lench 18, A Briffetts 24.

The Ladies played a league match against Wellington, with Ilminster winning one rink, losing one and sneaking it 41-40, to claim four points.

Scores (Ilminster’s first): Monica Woodland 22, G Roves 23; Maureen Mitchell 19, T Helps 17.