SOUTH Petherton Bowling Club held their Annual Presentation and Dinner at the Ilminster Bowling & Tennis Club this week.

The evening was organised and presided over by Laurence Symes, who has now completed his 10th and final year as club captain.

Presentation of the awards was made by club president Rex Corbet.


  • 3 Wood Pairs - winners: Gerald Meecham & Norman Pipe; runners-up: Geraldine Mc Sweeney & Roger Neve.
  • Ladies' 2 Wood - winner: Di Lester; runners-up: Shirley Farrington.
  • Men's 2 Wood - winner: John Moon; runner-up: Joe Bartlett.
  • Mixed pairs - winners: Di Lester & Ryan Seers; runners-up: Liam McSweeney & Don Reed.
  • Non-Winners Plate - winner: Graham Whittle; runner-up: Joe Bartlett.
  • Mixed Handicap Singles - winner: Liam McSweeney; runner-up: Peter Mottram.
  • Ladies' 4 Wood Singles - winner: Sue Boer; runner-up: Eileen Beckey.
  • Men's 4 Wood Singles - winner: Peter Mottram; runner-up: John Berry.
  • Week Day Umbrella - winner: Graham Whittle.
  • Final Day Pairs - winners: Bill McSweeney & Joan Jones; runners-up: Phil Jones & Sandra Dickie.
  • Reynard Smith Triples League - winners: Peter Mottram, Bill McSweeney, Bob Dickie, Sue Donovan, Don Reid; runners-up: Derek Chant, Gerry McSweeney, Liam McSweeney, Gerald Meecham, Tony Farrington.