CHARD Road Runners took a big team to the Taunton Marathon and Half-Marathon event on Sunday.

This is a challenging, flattish two-lap marathon that offers a good time and CRRs were up for this challenge.

Martin Holley led them off the line with Bernie Genge (celebrating his 100th marathon) chasing hard while brothers Rod and Stuart McLean were running well together.

Paul Masters was following on trying to control his pace among the 1,000-plus half marathon runners with Genge chasing a London qualifying time.

Rod McLean made a less-crowded second lap count for a personal best and Holley stuck to a good game plan throughout.

Stuart McLean still kept the pressure on to gain his personal best.

It was a sound team performance inspired in some way by lead runner Genge giving CRRs the team prize.

Individual performances are well worth a mention: 16th: Bernard Genge 03:14:46 2nd age cat; 20 Roddy McLean 03:17:20 PB; 28 Martin Holley 03:21:28; 29 Paul Masters 03:22:06 2nd age cat; 34 Stuart McLean 03:26:49 PB.

The Half Marathon was well represented with CRRs fielding18 runners.

Wayne Loveridge had a simple game plan to run as hard as he could until he hit the wall which was a great strategy as he gained a top ten position and a personal best.

Nina Wagstaff took to a more focused pace and crossed in 63rd position and CRRs first woman.

Martin Smith was next having battled well with Gavin Wyatt and this additional focus did provide the environment for both to secure PBs.

Stevie Potter finished in a fantastic 304th and Colin Boarder set his own pace and gained a PB for his efforts.

There was a great battle between Helen Baxter, Anna Smith and Ollie Faulkner that would see positions changing along the route and Helen took the initiative at approximately nine miles.

In-form Anna’s training for the London Marathon was just giving her the edge and Ollie on tired legs had to watch as Anna powered into the final hill but both secured a sound PB.

Emma Male settled from the off and got the reward with a smart performance and Matt Baker was next position across the line.

Mel Boarder, Caroline Dismore and Miranda Coleberd were providing mutual support and there were smiles all round in support of Caroline’s PB.

Miranda kept her head as the other two pulled away on the final hill and came across the line next still smiling as always.

Vicky Musslewhite was continuing her love of all races that avoid mud and kept nicely between the battle ahead and Gary Wheaton pressing on next inline for CRRs.

This was a sound performance by both runners.

Next keeping progress with her running to the forefront was Lizzy Smith, who has been taking a focused view to both training and securing sound running in races.

This was no exception and kept that focus to the end of the race securing a great PB; following in, just moments behind, was Lindsay Quinlan.

Setting off with the squad, Lindsay focused on her own run that would enable her to keep good steady pace from start to finish a real inspiration for many runners;