ON a beautiful, sunny and warm Good Friday, six representatives of Chard Road Runners took part in the seven-mile, multi-terrain Kilmington Kanter.

This is a very well organised event to raise funds for the local school, with the added incentive of hot cross buns at the finish line.

Wayne Loveridge was off the line again at pace and running to the front to the pack and following recent victories on this occasion, came in fourth in a time of 44.01.

Next over the line was James Musselwhite (1:06:17) competing in his first multi-terrain race.

After a good amount of banter during the race and some leapfrogging of positions, Helen Baxter (1:12:54) succeeded in carrying out her pre-race prediction that she must beat Simon Hall, although Simon (1:13:41) can claim some victory by coming in a minute closer to her than last year.

Claire Pomeroy, who had kept good pace both Simon and Helen in her sights, finished next (1:18:57), followed not long after by Ollie Faulkner, who did well to finish in 1:23:11 given that he was feeling ill just before the race.