PUPILS at Combe St Nicholas School enjoyed a day of creative design with willow artist Stefan Jennings, crafting a dinosaur to improve their playground fence.

Christine Maxwell, headteacher at Combe St Nicholas Primary School, said: “Stefan is currently working to remake the deer which are sat beside the A303.

“Our school is working towards the arts mark, which is accredited by the Arts Council, and so we are developing our arts curriculum.

“The whole school, from the pre-school through to year 6, have had a part in this and it links in with our work we have been doing about dinosaurs.

“He is creating an art installation which will also hopefully make our playground nicer. All pupils are supporting with building the plesiosaur but then each one is making their own ammonite.”

The project was funded by SPAEdA, the Somerset Partnership Arts Education Agency.

Stefan Jenning, who is based in Wellington, said: “The arts agency organised it so that the school only have to pay for the materials.

“We have been working on quite a simple thing which hopefully when the whole school have got involved will look quite good.”

Victoria Bennett, year 2 teacher, added: “We had a rather dreary fence that we wanted to improve and so we thought we are a very creative school and we wanted to use a local artist so we contacted Stefan.

“We wanted it to be the whole school so every child is involved.”