MONKS Yard is set to be on the move next year after the owners purchased a nearby manor.

The conference centre and cafe near Ilminster will relocate to the historic Horton Manor site before Monks Yard celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2018.

Dean Holling, director, said: “Horton Manor is a collection of prestigious, beautiful buildings in a well landscaped site which will provide far more room for expansion than we have now.

“It is right beside our current premises, so we won’t inconvenience any of our loyal café customers.”

Mr Holling said he is reassuring conference centre clients that rumours of Monks Yard’s closure are incorrect.

He added: “The expansion of our business will serve all our clients well, and also enables us to devote more space to community projects and the Monks Yard Charity Trust.”

The company was founded with a Trust which holds it accountable to work in a way which gives back to the community.

Each month, Monks Yard honours a local cause or charity by giving them a platform to explain their work to customers, and gives them a share of the takings for the day.

Mr Holling said: “We wouldn’t be in the position to expand the business and community if it wasn’t for all the hard work of our brilliant staff, past and present, and I’d like to thank them for their teamwork and dedication.”