AN Avon and Somerset police officer shared on WhatsApp a photo of a partially clothed dead person he had taken while on duty, a misconduct hearing will be told.

PC Daniel Wallwork is accused of taking the picture on his personal mobile and sending it to another officer.

The hearing on Wednesday (January 12) will be told his action in April last year breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour for police officers.

The panel will be told: "PC Wallwork attended a sudden death in North East Somerset.

"At 7.05pm, he took a photograph on his personal mobile telephone of the deceased, partially clothed and lying face down in a bed.

"PC Wallwork sent this image via WhatsApp to another officer.

"At 9.01pm, PC Wallwork concluded and left the address.

"If proven, the allegations would amount to gross misconduct."

Wallwork is alleged to have breached the standards of honesty and integrity; authority, respect and courtesy; and conduct.