A TENANT has been evicted from the home in Somerset they used to sell drugs from.

Police secured a closure order on the property in Yeovil that has been linked to anti-social behaviour as well as drug offences.

The address in Millbrook has now been closed to everyone, including the former tenant.

Anyone found inside will be committing a criminal offence.

The order, which will last for three months, was granted at Taunton Magistrates' Court on Monday (November 8) following an application by Avon and Somerset Police.

Acting Neighbourhood Sergeant Daniel Crawford said: “For too long the residents of Millbrook have endured the negative effects from antisocial behaviour in their street, originating from this address and the persons linked to it.

“The address has been linked to the selling of controlled drugs in Yeovil, anti-social behaviour and significant public order incidents.

"The nuisance and disorder associated with this address has had a huge negative effect on the local area.

“Neighbourhood officers and multi-agency partners have attempted to help the tenant, and to thus alleviate the problem, but it has not produced the necessary results and therefore we are pleased with the magistrates’ decision.

“I am grateful to the residents of Millbrook for their continued support and assistance in recent months.

"It’s enabled us to take proactive action and obtain a court order to hopefully prevent these incidents from continuing.”

Members of any community experiencing similar issues are urged to contact the police so they are aware of the issue and can look to take proactive action where required.

Anyone experiencing issues with antisocial behaviour in their area can report it online through the Avon and Somerset Police website.