ANOTHER weather warning for rain has been issued for Somerset - and it is set to last throughout the weekend.

The yellow weather warning includes the whole of Somerset and is in place from 9pm today (October 29) until 3pm on Sunday (October 31).

There may be flooding in homes and businesses, and there could be disruptions to travel during the weekend.

A Met Office spokesperson said: "Flooding is likely, and bus and train services will probably be affected.

"Spray and flooding on roads will also make journey times longer."

During the past few heavy downpours, parts of Somerset has flooded, especially South Somerset.

The Met Office has issued advice on protecting your property from flooding.

"Flooding is dangerous and can happen very quickly," added the spokesperson.

"The effects can be devastating.

"There are a number of things you can do to prepare for flooding to keep yourself and your family safe:

"1. Check if you are at risk of flooding

"2. Sign up for free flood warnings

"3. Prepare a flood plan (including useful contact numbers, how to cut off your gas supply and so on).

"4. Prepare a flood kit (i.e. include insurance documents, torches, first aid kit, bottled water and snacks and so on).

"5. Source flood protection equipment i.e. sandbags or floodboards."

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