AN Avon and Somerset Police officer quit her job after a colleague reported concerns about her actions.

Allegations of gross misconduct have today (Monday, October 4) been proved against former PC Shannon Carnell at a hearing.

The panel found that Carnell had breached standards of honesty and integrity, and discreditable conduct.

Carnell, who was in her probationary period, had already resigned prior to the hearing taking place.

The allegations related to incidents in which PC Carnell drove alone on public roads without having passed her driving test.

None of the allegations relate to her driving while on-duty.

Head of professional standards Supt Jane Wigmore said: “Former officer PC Carnell was given a fixed penalty notice, a £100 fine and three penalty points, after admitting an offence of driving otherwise than in accordance with her licence.

“Her actions were completely unacceptable and put other road users at risk.

"Thankfully her actions were initially reported by another police officer, who was concerned she had not passed her test.

“The public rightly expects officers and staff to act with honesty and integrity and follow the laws they have taken an oath to uphold.

"When standards of behaviour do not meet the high thresholds we expect, a thorough investigation will always be carried out by Professional Standards and whenever appropriate, misconduct proceedings will be instigated.

“In this case, our investigation resulted in a gross misconduct hearing held in public in front of a panel.

"This panel is always led by a legally qualified chair, who is independent from policing.”